i dun even have a daughta.. immma balla-_-
August 22, 2010, 7:36 pm
Filed under: on air

lets do a little update on life real quick

1.busted my ankle, limpin for 6 weeks 2. swimmings started and i cant swim yet -_-….3. school is soon as heck.. 2011 WHAT THE HELL IS UP?!4. i cleaned my room

so as i was cleaning my room today, i came across my old journals and lists that i make all the time. it was so great to read back on events and emotions that i was feeling two years ago. it was even better reading my own thoughts and knowing exactly how i would have said them outloud. i even traced the development of one big event in my life and how sooo many things when wrong. if it was someone else reading my journal, they would be screaming just like in the movie “no dumb b****, DO NOT DO THAT, WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU”.. but i guess that made me realize that when your IN a situation its way harder to analyze it than if you were out of it..

moving along.. MEMORIES… i came upon thee FUNNIEST things that have happened in my life.. like 10th grade Chemistry class with my brother for ever DJ, or the College Tour that I went on with the most amazing people I have ever met …

“If I were a spider, I would climb these walls, GRETA HOLD MA FEET”

looking back on both good and bad memories showed me that I have grown so much in the past few years and that I’ve had moments i should never forget about, even the ones that make me upset or bring upon bad feelings, in the end its all for the purpose of growing wise..

so take a few seconds out of your day and write something down.. anything

whether it be… the weather.. or what your mom said or who pissed you off, just write it down.. itll make looking back even more memorable, meaningful, and HIGHLARIOUS

im out



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