Till it’s over
April 5, 2010, 12:11 pm
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So I’m sitting in Peer Mediation listening to Drake(hint the title of this blog)

So I was thinking….

Its way easier to say something than to actually do it. I find myself always saying I’m going to commit to something and it just doesn’t happen. Instead I do the exact opposite. It’s like I’m in the ring and I’m fighting myself. BUT LOOSING EACH TIME.

So I figured I just need to control my decisions and really really really focus on them.

Kudos to Greta and her last post..INSPIRATIONAL

Our new quest is being satisfied.

Is it good or bad? Is it always good to strive for something? What if you reached all your goals and your satisfied? Should you settle for that or take a leap and try something at a different calibre.

Greta and I came  to the conclusion that don’t settle for satisfactory. It’s good to feel uneasy. Although as people we always strive to be …whole.