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December 28, 2009, 10:11 pm
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Okay so today I went to the movies with the Fam and we saw Avatar in 3D. IT WAS TOTALLY WICKED (line stolen from the Incredibles)Anyway, yeah so basically go see it. At first I was like “Why would I waste my money on that?” then I came out of it wanting to watch it again. Basically it’s one of those really good movies, and I don’t say that a lot. The director is one of those geniuses, I believe he made Titanic. Did you know he made up a whole language, like the language spoken in the movie is REAL!! He payed for it. Every plant and animal has their own name and genisis. AWSOME! TIME CONSUMING! WOW! It is also one of the most expensive movies made in this time as was the Titanic. Everything works out fine though because he makes all of the money back. Another thing…3D. It was a good fit for the movie because you felt like you were part of their society, but I felt disorientated afterwards. That’s until I ate at CHILI’S!! Basically this movie is well worth it and go see it! I AM THE NEXT NA’VI!!!

Another thing….I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE NEW ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Shrooms at its best!The guy who first created the original alice in wonderland was said to have been on drugs and the whole movie is based on the usage of drugs. Alice passes out (falls asleep) from the drugs, constantly eats shrooms through the movie gets big and small yatta yatta and falls down the vertex to wonderland which is the vertex of opium. Well Johnny Depp is in this so it should be good! Can’t wait!…better not be in 3D.

What’s really good with the Wizard of Oz? My history teacher said it’s based on actual people in the 1900’s. My brother disagrees, but I belive my history teacher, after all she does major in history. There is also little things in that movie you’ll notice. Like changes in accents of characters or Dorothy’s hair getting shorter. Try it out for yourself. Must add that movie never gets old, one of the greatest!

So Babygee is on her boat to the BAHAMAS. So wish I was her for real. Sent me some pictures, but I deleted them. SORRY!

Okay Jiro just popped in wanting me to make brownies so I’m off this post like a confederate flag in the north!



December 27, 2009, 4:47 pm
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good looks to jamiel pina for reintroducing fake into our lives

one love from the beach of all beaches
gizzle gritz

December 27, 2009, 4:01 pm
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okay so babygee and I were in boston with soulja boy kelem and crazy marisela and we walk into victoria secret and omg FAKE EVERYWHERE. We were in awe of these push up bras. They are named the miraculous push up brasĀ  for a bombshell. And they are right they make your boobs feel like they are a bomb shell ready to explode, literally. So we just had to try them on…I DO NOT ADVISE. these babies pushed your boobs up so much that it showed veins and gave your boobs boobaches (you know the headache for a boob) We asked ourselves how could anybody wear these they hurt and they are fake. How could someone go around and act like their boobs are real…..SHAKE MY HEAD. Then we remembered oh wait we know people who fake it up! I would give you guys a picture of the inside of the cup, but I couldn’t find any online. Basically if you want plastic surgery this is the next best step. You dont have to go under the knife, just slip your bad boys into these harneses and you’re good to go. Hey pain is beauty to some. The downside is that your boobs would probably most likely SAG a whole lot because they are so used to being squeezed so tight and up against your body so that when you take them off they don’t know what to do with themselves. Basically if someone comes up to you and points to your boobs asking “are they real?” you tell them yeah they cost $48. YA HEARD!

So has anyone else noticed fake people coming in their lives lately? This is a side note from the bra’s, I’m talking about actual fake people. WORD OF ADVICE. cut them out. drop them. DROP KICK THEM out your life. Don’t even say bye or argue with them just drop them.

And now to wrap everything together I leave you with this wonderful picture!

I laugh till I pee every time I see this picture. Truly wonderful.



December 27, 2009, 1:45 pm
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ok so i saw kashas previous post on the blog via iphone and i thought to myself, as im here relaxing on the beach on my wonderful vacation WHY NOT blog right?

the past weeks in school have been a total drag and basically hell.. no one wanted to be there and everyone couldnt wait until break(even though christmas didnt seem like christmas this year)

my vacation so far has been EXCELLENT

freezing body parts and not eating cheesecake in boston
getting the BEST presents from kelem and kasha
and finally embarking on my family christmas trip

so far ive chilled at the hotel restraunt(ahviously) and pool
went all over miami and the beaches
shoppped hardbody
met lithuanians? met RUSSIANS?!
cruised like p diddy with sunglasses on in the night
got bodied in the biggest mall-shout out to AVENTURA
almost fckd up a time share consultant
saw drew barrymores and steven speilbergs casas
and now im straight baking in the hot florida sun

tomorrow i leave for the bahamas and then good ole disney for new years, party party party lets all get wasted?

all i can say is that the weather is beautiful, the people are beyond it, and the food is,well JUST ABOUT GREAT

as kasha said im on the hunt for a man, yes MAN

hahha but no on that real talk, this new year is gonna bring some new attitudes
and people, me and my rod just clearly dont give a what what

enjoy your break everyone

baby gee

December 26, 2009, 8:25 pm
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You may ask what a Hunta is and let me tell you. My brothers Jirobot, Randolphis, and I are the Hunta clan. We are the only Hunta’s ever to walk this earth. We even have a theme song which makes us official. And it goes like this…

“OH Hunta

you came and you saw me dancin


OH Hunta

(repeat as many time as wanted)

Yeah that’s us. Okay on a side note christmas just passed, I’m actually on my new laptop now. FRESH. Gretaclese is in MIAMI?! yeah I know what does Kasha Fierce do now? Oh blog! So basically Greta wants a man! yeah I know WACK! but she wants one. Winter always has that affect on people. I recently broke up with mine, but I’m just tryna dance dance dance. Basically G and I are on that new new shiz where are brains have had an epiphany. Basically go hard or go home ya heard!

Okay talking SO very real right now we are gunna step up our blogging game. So check in with the new shiz we be postin AIGHT!!


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