“Move it football head!”
March 31, 2009, 8:14 pm
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ahh don’t you miss those old Nickelodeon, Disney, and Cartoon network shows and movies. Let’s back track to the good old times…

Kenan and Kel                Hocus Pocus                                               934

Dexter’s Labortory       The Powerpuff girls

The Amanda show         Halloween Town (the original one)               


Hey Arnold!                                                             

Little foot (the original)       All that!                                             

 Kablaamm!                         Pb & J Otters                                                     

Courage the cowardly dog    Cow and Chicken                                                   

Johnny Bravo                     Cat and Dog                                                             

Out of the box                      Bear in the big blue house

Parents Trap                         Dunsten checks in                                         

Life-size                                   Moesha                                               

 So Wierd                                 Rugrats

And the new but lost…

         flavorflav1                                                   Kidnation  

I love New York                                 

Instant Star           Flavor of love               

 South of Nowhere             Avatar




Ahh the beloved shows, some not so beloved. I miss those old movies. The old Disney channel movies were the best. I think Disney channel started running out of ideas so now thier movies are about dogs skateboarding (and no I’m not talking about Air Bud, which is another classic), or a Chinease fighting warrior. Also, what happened to those amazing cartoons you’d watch in the morning that just made you laugh. Like  Recess, that was the best, and Hey Arnold being the best cartoon ever created. I mean even Dragon Tales still beats out Dora the explorer.

I wish I could go back to the good old days, where I could put on my overalls and go outside to jump off the top of my wooden swingset. Where my imagination could run wild and not be contained inside a lined page called MCAS. I used to play “lava”, where you started at one part of the swingset and try to get to the other side without touching the ground. Believe me it was way harder then it seems. I could engage myself in a roller coaster of fun with just the ouside to keep me company. From the morning I woke up till my mom called me to come in and take a shower. Those were the good old days. No worries at all! Oh how I wish I could go back.                                                               img015


Kasha Fierce


March 31, 2009, 6:02 am
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i have nothing good to say about this test… at all


the teachers are more stressed than the kids and are FREAKIN everyone out

errrones gonna do fine…except miss sammmichhhh who has some issues…

its wha-eva as amir would say



wish us “luck” 1

“did you forget how to knock?? let’s try this one more time…”
March 28, 2009, 2:15 pm
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hellloooooooo evrybady its greta once again with a headbangin story…

nah chill its not that special.. so i was on my bus yesterday morning and i asked myself “wait tho… why AM I AWAKE RIGHT NOW?… better yet… why am i ON THE SCHOOLBUS @ 6:30 IN THE MORNING?!” good question right… the orange even had to have assistance standin up cause it was damn tired..


so yeah let’s talk about how high school kids these days have to wake up at 5:30 AM and get ready for school and be out the house before its even light… then we go to school for a good couple hours where regular school things occur.. then once that bell rings at an awkward time of 1:59 PM most of us are off to sports,clubs, or other commitments that need to be participated in… we get home.. eat.. and enjoy spending the rest of our nights doing the best thing of all….HOMEWORK OF COURSE! and then we manage to go to sleep somehow before 12 or 1 in the morning and wake up and do it again… “dope life” righttt

now im not saying this happens everyday or goes foreveryone… but DANG were only 15 and 16 and just wanna have some sleep sometimes

oh and next year we might not even have any buses because of good ole budget cuts and whatevvaaa… so we gotta trek it or build our own way of transportation.. no extra credit will be provided in math class if we doo

arite.. done with the ranting hahaha…


 shout out to my girl KILLA KA$$HH and bhs drama club…FABULOUS FABLE FACTORY SONNN…and amanda


The big, the bad, and the down right FAT?!
March 27, 2009, 7:26 pm
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See this woman! To get this straight I’m not blogging because she is 515 pounds and sad about it. I’m blogging because THIS WOMAN is 515 pounds and depressed because she wants to weigh 1000 lbs. YES! She loves “not moving”, she said that she wants to get fatter because then she won’t have to do anything. She already loves having chairs dispersed around her one floor house so she doesnt have to walk everywhere, but sit and take breaks on her journey from her couch to her kitchen! She also had to take a break when she walked to get her mail from her mail box, and was proud of it! Her reasoning for wanting to be fat is because she think she is going to die of cancer anyways so she rather die knowing she enjoyed her life not moving and eatting. This women is lazy and FAT! She got RASHED when she said that thing about cancer. Tyra was like “stop talking!”. I started dieing. Oh yeah and the guy on the side of her holding her hand is her boyfriend. He was attracted to her because she was fat! He wants her to be fat, he loves “jiggiling” it, he loves the way the fat of their belly hangs in between her legs when she is sitting down! She also has her own website when people request her to do things, and so she does! Fo example she funneled chocolate milk, put on a dog collar with spikes, and posed in sexy lingere! This women has problems in her head. She is a bigorexic. real talk.  Greta and I were dieing laughing and getting mad at the same time. 

Just thought I’d inform you.


why orange-ya payin attention?…..
March 25, 2009, 6:46 pm
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whats reallllllyyy good its greta.. so today in latin class we were talkin about Augustus and how his accomplishments have contributed to the greatness of the Roman Empire when  i remembered something mindblowing… I HAD AN ORANGE IN MY BAG… so i whipped that ish out..

img_1037peep kasha on the right studying hard

so i realized that oranges are me and kasha’s go-to snak… really tho wait till you see a video of one of us eating some(kasha put that up soon) and uhhh i decided well bring any tantalizing/headline making news(or times when we don’t have anything better to do in class and other attractions) through a series of posts featuring.. well… oranges i guess..

img_1038but not this one… cause i ate it

good looks to la’sarah for helpin out with the grubbin as well


so till then

stay fresh…literally

March 24, 2009, 11:48 pm
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 KASHA: So Greta would you like to explain what we had for lunch today?

GRETA: (shakes head) I do.

KASHA: I’ll type it.

GRETA: Kasha!!!! I already have what i want in my head…Kasha! Horton! Extenuate the HOR! Kasha..really though? Is this the tempatations, I love them so much.

(mind you we were listening to motown songs)

KASHA: Greta real talk. Let me just wi$t it down, cus’ it goes so much easier.

GRETA: Real talk I wan to right my own. Why you trying to live my life for me kasha?!

KASHA: Well sence you won’t say, we had turkey sandwhiches on wheat brea…


GRETA: so because KASHA was bein a trick and not lettin me write squat… i had to steal the laptop… HOKAY..so let me explain the wonderful lunch we experienced today right from the beginning… so our friend moira.. good soul.. came into the cafeteria and placed a plastic bag full of love on the table..opening the bag.. she took out a FAT stack of 3 turkey sandwiches… fruit cups.. grapes.. bananas… kiwis… and pudding… good looks right? go ahead kasha say what you gotta say…

KASHA: Well I promised I would bring in tmorrows lunch for everyone..but I lied!

On air in 5.4.3
March 20, 2009, 8:54 pm
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hi its greta… kasha doesn’t knowim leavin a blog…