buggin out
July 22, 2009, 10:10 am
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interview with kid cudi after the house of blues show wearing our friend rodney’s necklace.. AHHHH!!

oh and of course the new video real quikk.. im in cudi mania



The Witch Hunt
July 21, 2009, 4:54 pm
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Dear bloggi’s,

Okay so I’m sitting here thinking and I said why not make a blog….so here we go.

I went to Salem Willows for a family reunion..mad dope. Gretaclese missed out because it was her type of atmosphere…(i had work…)

black people(people of color, kasha)


nice ocean view

hot black guys(hot guys of COLOR… kasha….)

and mad food! …exspecially meat!(YUM!)

So anyways, sorry gretaclese you couldnt be there. But get your paper up booboo.DSC00045(you that righttt)

Okay so going on we chillin having fun I brought my t.o.i.l. Good times. Then the next day I go to the beach. I get tackled by waves, had some subway. (Eat fresh my a**) I’ve had a good weekend. My older brother jiro came down for a holla. visit him at (www.jirobot.wordpress.com) So basically in continuence, Gretaclese meets me at the Y the next day…..this is when the adventures begin!!!DSC00090

So anyways we catch up on what we missed with eachother. (basically getting rashed on by parents 24/7) and we go to my house and LIFT OFF! Gretaclese consumes her meat. She goes coocoo! Like absolutly bonkures. So I have diagnosed her with MEATBONKS! All in all I had a good couple of days, hopefully they continue on through this rainy mueffin weather.

Thas me,

K-Figga figga Fierce

p.s-(5 minute pause) DAMN IT! I forgot what my p.s was gunna have in it!DSC00070

July 15, 2009, 9:07 pm
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ok this post is special-edition length aka WORTH READING(like all of our posts)

now myself and the BiRDKR3W(we stay wingin’ it) embarked on a concert journey that will stick with us 4eva.. let’s begin..

we get to the station and we realize that we have one extra ticket.. the concert is sold out and CLEAHLLY i wass feelin to sell it for a good price naddamean?

then all of a sudden.. a photoshoot takes place right at the train station.. we was gettin it.. no lies told



getting to south station.. we receive some DISGUSTING venom(energy drink bull.. i didn’t taste is personally cause i was trying to enjoy the rest of my day..). then we head to downtown xing to sell this damn ticket… find one guy.. he bails.. we go to eat at quincy market..oh yeah.. did i mention the all the jerking that went on? even little kids form across the street joined in.. nah mean?


all of a sudden i see two fresh looks and decide to try and get one of them to buy a ticket..

greta:”hello sir, do you listen to kid cudi?”

sir:”why, yes i do”

long story short, ticket was sold, made a new frand RAHHHDNiie, and went to the house of blues.. sorta.. cause we got lost..

then came the 60-year old rapper that put on a show while we were waiting in line.. no words

get into the house of blues, make out way to basic-front row, and wait, and wait, and hurt, and wait… and then the mannnnnnn 88KEYS comes on like a boss, followed by mr. kid cudi himself looking dapper with the company of a dope light show… and finally asher paul roth himself with a FATTYYY(blunt that it)



basically, it was crazy dope, hype, can’t even explain it

and after buying a short, mr.cudders come OUT THE CUT signs my ticket, shirt, and my new friend RAHHDNiie gives him his necklace.. shit was fire and i got to speak with the man who i listen to errdai..

(the necklaceRAHHDNiiee gave cudder)


this day was crazy, this day was pure luck at every angle, most importantly, this day will FOREVA(no sauce) be remembered

good nite all you, embrace the martian, GZEE

Banana Twinkies 2
July 14, 2009, 2:48 pm
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Alright just to let everyone know I tear dropped when I read that post about me from my ROD. Damn I did a good job picking out this best friend! Not just because she writes nice things about me, but of course everything else too. Way to much to explain!

Anyways if anyone wants to know…. banana twinkies is something that got all over us (exspecially in gretaclese’s hair). It tasted and smelt nice but didn’t feel oh so nice. Kind of like red riding hood, or was it goldie locks?! The one who ate the porage…. Anyways who cares! By the way Jirobot do not call me at 12:34 a.m knowingly that I’m definitely sleeping!

iight 1

K to the mutha efffin Fierce!

banana twinkies
July 14, 2009, 1:18 pm
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so last nite myself, the ROD kasha, and her fam(which is my fam) went to the blue man group in boston.. it was illadope and definitely something im gonna remember for sometime..

instead of boring you with details about the show, im gonna bore you with some other details about something else(just kiddin.. im never boring)

so i was thinking on the car ride back frm the show how happy i am to have my ROD and her fam(my fam) in my life.. they encourage me, laugh at me and with me, make me beef, and most importantly care about the small things i do and don’t do.. so i just wanted to say thank you to them for everything they’ve done this year for me and i really hope they know i care alot aobut em…

now to my ROD kasha, we’ve already had all these weird talks before about how its random that we started being friends, but we always knew it was gonna happen… i just wanna let you know ms.fierce that you mean a hell of a lot to me.. theres too much to say about our friendship and im not gonna let the entire internet know about our lives.. just want you to know tho that you being in my life makes things so much better and having someone who is alot like myself is a gift.. thank you ROD.. stay beefin boo

with beef and almond butter, GRETAAA

July 12, 2009, 11:08 pm
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AP school/summer work.. IB school/summer work.. regular work… workk..work.. workkk..


its OKAY THOOO cuzzzzzzzzzzz

july 14th,2009=asher roth, kid cudi, B.o.B., and 88-keys… WUTTUP!

gnite… GRETAAA

another one…
July 8, 2009, 1:40 pm
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can’t stop won’t stop with these damn videos…

the clesee