February 3, 2010, 2:14 am
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so kudos to kasha on that ridiculous post that sums up anything i would have said.. and THANK YOU, so much goddamn love just cant stand it sometimes… yeah right

it’s honestly one of the hardest things for me, realizing that people would be lucky to have me.. now please don’t take this the wrong way because i know it comes off cocky.. but its really so hard.. im in this situation which is similar to one i’ve been in before which sucked alotta butt.. where i feel like i have to be the one doing something to please someone else in order to keep them around.. i work so hard and put so much emotion into it and get NOTHING back.. and i just dont stop myself

i really need to realize that if someone WANTS me, they’ll come get me and if im not their priority, they shouldn’t be mine.. i have so much to offer anyone and the closests people to me understand that, my emotions take over reason and i forget who i am and how lucky anyone would be to truly understand me.. so i have to be active and stop myself from falling victim and playing victim to someone who has other priorities

(have yourself as the #1 priority…^)

THIS IS SO HARD, but it makes it much easier to let it all out

ANWAYS, im with kasha on all that cleansing stuff.. its weird cause it seems to come around the same time every year, hopefully this time it works out

some goals in a nutshell:

-get in shape, make my mind work, LIVE, appreciate my family and know them better, work to my potential and above that, SWIM, simplify life, get rid of the unnecessary things and focus on those that make me excited about waking up in the morning, and last but not least.. DO WHAT I WANT TO DO, it IS my life, remember?

i advise everyone to do the same

cut the fat, focus on you, build strong relationships, and love(meat)

oh p.s.- i smelled like fried chicken the entire day after kasha’s house.. like REAL TALK STENCH KID


baby gretar


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