“Don’t pretend to be older than you are, give yourself time to grow”
August 11, 2010, 7:46 pm
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okay I’m going in(thats what she said)

WE havent updated this blog in forever. It’s almost dead, but im resurrecting it now.

So much to go over first off, MY BIRTHDAY. aug1 turned 17. I feel good. I feel older. I feel right. It was a good time, just wished my sister was here. Greta is in Lithuania chillin, farmin, doin the damn lithi thang.

Igght here I go im about to rant, so buckle up

I’m starting to be independent and not having to need anybody. I used to base my life around my social life, friends. Turns out I forced. I have 4 friends tops, they are good people, that I have experienced things with on a different level. Everyone else is just an acquaintance to me. Another thing FAMILY. Family is so so so important. You’ll have those people forever, friend come and go.Family loves you through thick or thin. I realised the importance of family when I went to Virginia this summer with my cousin, who I had no relationship with before the trip, and my brother. That week was life changing. Made me see that family is the creme of the crop, and its beneficial to always work on the relationships within your family. Now I can actually say I have a relationship with my cousin, I can actually genuinely say that I love him. Also I’m trying to respect my parents more, sometimes I get caught up in my teenage moments and lash out, but I’m trying.


Another thing, COLLEGE. PRIORITIES. I’m doing pretty well with getting everything in order and pacing myself. I realised getting those important things done is worth much more than a night out “partying” with people who don’t mean much to you. I so rather spend a night in watching a movie with someone I love, then at a party worrying about gun, knives, and fist. When did talking get so “outplayed” Cant fight with words anymore? Intelligence has gone out the window for some.


rekindling my childhood friendships is a fun time. I’ve been getting close to my bes friends I had in junior high and its pretty damn easy and fun(That’s what she said). When you’ve been used to someone so long, a year apart really doesn’t damage anything(thats what she said).


So I went on chatroulette. SMDH(shake my damn head) when you get past all the offensive material, it’s a good time. I met mad people my age. some cool and some not so much -_-. But I did meet a new friend. Facebooked him. Pretty cool. If your reading this then WADDDDAAAAAP.

Les get it

All the stuff I tripped over in junior year was a flux. Realised none of that was worth it. I should have just chilled.

AND IM OUT, (thats what she said)



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