everything is just soo
February 7, 2010, 6:38 pm
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for some reason, life has just been blob lately.. yeah a blob.. like WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS BLOB.. no idea where it came from or what to do with it.. everything is just so our-of-balance

been slacking on my own goals lately, giving myself excuses for things that i don’t want myself to do.. family issues are getting out of hand and NEED to be dealt with… getting behind in school because im letting myself do it.. feel like im losing that initial drive and motivation i’ve had.. WHAT HAPPENED TO SWIMMING?! its like it came and went and i forgot aobut my passion.. friend situations are getting better but still something feels off… oh and lets not forget the opposite sex.. im trying so hard to let go of what never really was and just forget about chasing anyone and focus on greta, but i keep sinking back and making myself feel pathetic

so i guess today is really the day im gonna give it a push to turn it all around.. oh and the boys basketball team just might have given me that extra little push.. you guys worked SOOO DAMN HARD TODAY and you deserve that win.. hard work reaps amazing benefit and im ready for that

so no more excuses and no more slacking off.. i have to see how hard i can push myself and what potential i truly have.. never rest on my accomplishments but keep pushing for better

healthier and happier self, top work ethic in school, back on my swimming grindddd, and just learn to let go and enjoy the moment im in NOWWW

blogs are good venting outlets


off to do good for me



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i agreee with the “till somthing feels off”. but i love you. & stop stressing about so much stuff hun. its okay to take a break sometimes, you need it. =)

Comment by babbeeesss!


Comment by babbeeesss!

i thinking of doing a blog for myself. i wanna let stuff out like alot, hmmm yupp ima do it.

Comment by babbeeesss!

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