February 6, 2010, 6:36 pm
Filed under: on air

So I’m bored and don’t want to do my homework on a Saturday

See this is where a boyfriend would come in handy to keep me company

but hey I can be bad all by myself

Just watched sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 and I really liked a quote in there it goes like this..

“no one can diminish you, but yourself.”

Yeah I cried like i do every movie with a sad moment in it

I kinda want to see dear John.

The question of the day is….

Do I miss our relationship or do i miss a relationship?

I honestly am just writing down random shiz right now. I think I actually might write a poem or something.

I am soooooo ready to go on vacation out of country. THANK YOU!

Anyone up for Greece?!

still without a phone to call my own. AHHHH

Oh yeah and someone left  a comment on a post from a couple days ago, the one about friends and stuff. They go by the name of ahaa with an email like abc something. IDK

but in response to that.

Maybe your just lucky. Ever think of that? I’m also young so maybe I haven’t found that group of friends. Or maybe in my life I’m not meant to have a group of friends. I self reflect all the time. Heck I keep a DIARY (which I suggest everyone do, it frees the mind of it’s burdens) So thank you for the request, but it’s something I’ve already looked at. I also never said that I’m not responsible for such things. I am in part, and in which I do admit. But anyways this is all in the past. We all ended up making up. It was a big misunderstanding. But I do not take back what I said about me not having a consistent friend. Because its true. And I’m so glad for that because it turned out if I did try to force the friendship(this was way back) I’d BE MISERABLE. I’m very happy with the friends I have now. They are more like me.

It’s a way of life too, some come and some go, and some stay. I’m glad you found your stay.

okay I’m off


rev kash


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