Is this another one of those rants? YES I THINK SO!
February 1, 2010, 12:21 am
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LISTEN BLOGGERS OUR BLOG IS NOT DEAD! It is very much alive and kickin’

Okay so this K$ coming at you via mac

okay so listen life……


This is true, we devour everything! We want to be the top dog, king of the pride. This is the state of our happiness, our happiness depends on our success through life. Our success depends on us being on TOP. We want to feel important. We want to leave a legacy so out name can live on forever. OUR IMMORTALITY!

okay enough of that just thought I should  say that

okay basically I’m starting day one tomorrow of the “cleansing of Kasha”

meaning im chillin. I got to get my priorities in order. I also have to redefine my idea of “fun.” I realised my idea of fun is different now. I also realised life isn’t about the success with material,  but the success with relationships. When you die you will not have a car, but you will have the memories of the people in your life that mean something to you. So I’m going to stop stressing about “trying to make it in life” and I’m just going to LIVE. I’m gunna try at least. I’m going to make sure I create a lifetime worth of memories some good and others bad. At least I lived. I’m going to love like never before because that love will last longer than any night having “fun” will. And everyone knows what I mean by “fun”. Yes, those nights are good sometimes, but would you rather go through that every weekend. The same thing. Nothing really knew or special. Or go through a journey with someone. And I don’t mean someone as in  boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever, I mean as in friendships, too. See I know me and G are going to be with each other forever no doubt and each day is like a new day with her. I’m on my journey with her till the end. Each day holds something new. I would not trade that for ANYTHING! If that one person can make a difference in my life imagine what another would do, too! I am a savage. I like pleasure and happiness. My pleasure is eating and my happiness is eating with someone that means my life to me. So basically, this is me CLEANSING. I’m going to love, laugh, and live with all of my body. It’ll hurt sometimes and it will feel amazing at others, either way I’m ready for it. I’m ready to find more people to change my life, I’m ready to grow with my other half(gee), and I’m ready to have the real FUN. The one that will have me regret nothing, and to feel grateful for all that I will have experienced.


rev kash


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kasha, i love you

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