February 1, 2010, 7:48 pm
Filed under: on air

Okay so this how everything went. I didn’t do any homework last night because I simply just didn’t want to. It’s a one time thing I’m allowed one of those.

Woke up and realised I didn’t do any of my homework TRIED EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to not go to school or at least be late. I sleep 25 minutes longer then I’m supossed to. I take the longest shower ever. I take forever to get dressed. I purposely change in and out of my clothes. I leave my house as late as possible. I get to school AND IT’S THE EARLIEST I’VE BEEN THIS YEAR!!!! WHAT THEE EFFF MAANN!!

okay school was whatever, I was mad chill. Got an 80 on my history test and a B in that class. I was mucho happy because that class is SO HARD. Anyway so I see Greta 3rd period. SAY WADDUP KID. SHE WAS WEARING THE SWOOSH LIFE‘s. yeah I digged.

So I went throughout my day. Engaged in interesting conversations.

….you made the baby on purpose??

yeah that’s what I said!

Anyway went to national honor society, realised I had no community service hours done and they were due today. Also we have to pay ten dollars, which I havent yet. Found Greta said WADDUP MY JIZZ again. Got home went straight to the homework like a good girl. Made dinner for my brother and watched the outtakes of Meet the Browns. HILARIOUS I COULDN’T BREATHE.Sexy man on there. I tell Greta about the movie she goes, “I am brown.” This is an undeniable fact.

I’m still waiting on my phone to be retrieved. If y’all didn’t know it had water damage because stupid people like to do stupid things and …goodbye phone.

So I was realising, I miss having someone to spend all my time with that is of the opposite sex. BUT I’ll get over it nah mean. I’m learning to be content with myself. You know all the women INDEPENDENT throw your hands up at may. (yeah Beyonce..and Kelly and Michelle)

Okay well this is it because I got to check up on my cranberry bread I’m also making. Then it’s back to my homework. yippeee..NOT!




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