this right here’s a panty droppa
January 19, 2010, 5:17 am
Filed under: on air

this weekend has had to have been one of the best ones in a longgg time

games, parties, new people to know, old friends to cherish, and Doctor Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Observation Day making me realize how lucky I am to have friends of different races who respect me as a human being and i respect them back as the same

this weekend didnt go without some drama that my friends or myself are NOT used to

getting into details is not necessary but one thing to say is:

if you want a problem to be over, you don’t keep instigating something time after time,  picking things to be mad about..in the end i have people who know im a good person and don’t care about the way your story twists to say otherwise

now that’s that

now moving on with happy things..

hopefully new opportunities are on the rise for myself and all of my friends

old baggage is lost on the journey to a new destination and things are coming up

i’ll leave it with this:

take time to understand the ones who wish to hurt you, you’ll learn more about yourself

love the people who are not afraid to be honest

and enjoy the ride, no one goes with out ups and downs



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