PSATs… fck em, even if they selibate
January 8, 2010, 11:12 am
Filed under: on air

ok so im in class right now and basically cant focus so i gotta let something rip (not the bananas and beans from last night)

i really really REALLY hate how theres so much pressure to fit this perfect mold

this has been discussed over and over and OVER again and will be for the longest time, but i just need to put in my two cents…

ive tried for too long to be that perfect student, that perfect friend, and that perfect girl

as im getting older, im realizing that nothing is going to work my way all of the time

this means
i will not be the one to get A’s forever.. even though ill try
i do not have the body of beyonce, even though ill pretend i do
i will not say what you want to hear because, thats just not what i do

but i will do my best to make sure i am satisfied with the potential im reaching and the goals i have for myself

no one else thinks like me, speaks like me, looks like me, laughs, cries, feels, or even yells like me

i am the best greta zukauskaite i have met and beyonce doesnt have shit on me…. even tho she dope

so theres my rant.. directed towards colleges that ask for too much of students and for people who dont appreciate all beauty

im not a robot, i am a human.. and i love it

back to class
to my fallen soldiers

baby gee


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