you gon’ think i invented blogs
January 6, 2010, 1:16 pm
Filed under: on air

YOOOOOOOOOO kaids, this is greta hittin up the interweb, takin’ a break as i complete my homework and not being in school?… yeah long story.. but anyways

so im kinda pissed that the blog i wrote in orlando airport on new years never saved and went through to be posted.. had alotta good insights about my vacation and blah blah blah. but whatever shit happens i guess..

so today im not in school for various reasons(BLEHHH), and im here at home instead working hard on my h-w and listening to trey songz cause he got it goin’ on.. kasha texted me to post a blog so im gonna do just that

i guess im just gonna mention how freakin WEIRD IT IS to notice yourself starting to grow up, little by little..

i mean don’t get me wrong, im not saying im “grown” or anything or that i wasn’t mature before.. but witnessing yourself and the way you think change is something kinda incredible..

FOR EXAMPLE.. im learning how to truly do things for myself and not care what it looks like to anyone else.. like making my own decision and taking responsibilities of my actions totally upon myself.. i no longer care if people think im the best, as long as i know myself, and competition with others is no longer necessary.. im in a constant competition with myself.. i don’t care about being better than HER or HIM, i care about being better than the ME i was yesterday.. and i guess that’s just one thing you realize when you start getting a tiny bit older..

another thing.. i’ve realized that i am, and always will be a social person with many people around me that i love.. however, i’ve trimmed down the edges and started focusing moreon the people i trust with everything.. there is no need for me to boast hundreds of friends and not have one that i can say i trust with my life.. fortunately i have a few of those, and i dont plan on losing them, ever.. these relationships will only get stronger..

theres many other things to mention and so many things to talk about, but i’ll leave off with one new years resolution of mine

this year, i absoultely want to live in the moment of all the experiences i have.. stop worrying about what’s coming next and stop anticipating the future so much.. if you do that.. your missing the beauty that’s right underneath your nose..

oh yeah n check this video kevin showed to me yesterday.. BABY TREY!!!

baby gretar


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