The World of Pandora
December 28, 2009, 10:11 pm
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Okay so today I went to the movies with the Fam and we saw Avatar in 3D. IT WAS TOTALLY WICKED (line stolen from the Incredibles)Anyway, yeah so basically go see it. At first I was like “Why would I waste my money on that?” then I came out of it wanting to watch it again. Basically it’s one of those really good movies, and I don’t say that a lot. The director is one of those geniuses, I believe he made Titanic. Did you know he made up a whole language, like the language spoken in the movie is REAL!! He payed for it. Every plant and animal has their own name and genisis. AWSOME! TIME CONSUMING! WOW! It is also one of the most expensive movies made in this time as was the Titanic. Everything works out fine though because he makes all of the money back. Another thing…3D. It was a good fit for the movie because you felt like you were part of their society, but I felt disorientated afterwards. That’s until I ate at CHILI’S!! Basically this movie is well worth it and go see it! I AM THE NEXT NA’VI!!!

Another thing….I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE NEW ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Shrooms at its best!The guy who first created the original alice in wonderland was said to have been on drugs and the whole movie is based on the usage of drugs. Alice passes out (falls asleep) from the drugs, constantly eats shrooms through the movie gets big and small yatta yatta and falls down the vertex to wonderland which is the vertex of opium. Well Johnny Depp is in this so it should be good! Can’t wait!…better not be in 3D.

What’s really good with the Wizard of Oz? My history teacher said it’s based on actual people in the 1900’s. My brother disagrees, but I belive my history teacher, after all she does major in history. There is also little things in that movie you’ll notice. Like changes in accents of characters or Dorothy’s hair getting shorter. Try it out for yourself. Must add that movie never gets old, one of the greatest!

So Babygee is on her boat to the BAHAMAS. So wish I was her for real. Sent me some pictures, but I deleted them. SORRY!

Okay Jiro just popped in wanting me to make brownies so I’m off this post like a confederate flag in the north!



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Comment by jirobot

very true

Comment by forevasauced

how u gon delete pictures

Comment by baby greter

what pictures did i delete?

Comment by forevasauced

read ya post kid

Comment by baby greter

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