December 27, 2009, 1:45 pm
Filed under: on air

ok so i saw kashas previous post on the blog via iphone and i thought to myself, as im here relaxing on the beach on my wonderful vacation WHY NOT blog right?

the past weeks in school have been a total drag and basically hell.. no one wanted to be there and everyone couldnt wait until break(even though christmas didnt seem like christmas this year)

my vacation so far has been EXCELLENT

freezing body parts and not eating cheesecake in boston
getting the BEST presents from kelem and kasha
and finally embarking on my family christmas trip

so far ive chilled at the hotel restraunt(ahviously) and pool
went all over miami and the beaches
shoppped hardbody
met lithuanians? met RUSSIANS?!
cruised like p diddy with sunglasses on in the night
got bodied in the biggest mall-shout out to AVENTURA
almost fckd up a time share consultant
saw drew barrymores and steven speilbergs casas
and now im straight baking in the hot florida sun

tomorrow i leave for the bahamas and then good ole disney for new years, party party party lets all get wasted?

all i can say is that the weather is beautiful, the people are beyond it, and the food is,well JUST ABOUT GREAT

as kasha said im on the hunt for a man, yes MAN

hahha but no on that real talk, this new year is gonna bring some new attitudes
and people, me and my rod just clearly dont give a what what

enjoy your break everyone

baby gee


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