December 27, 2009, 4:01 pm
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okay so babygee and I were in boston with soulja boy kelem and crazy marisela and we walk into victoria secret and omg FAKE EVERYWHERE. We were in awe of these push up bras. They are named the miraculous push up bras  for a bombshell. And they are right they make your boobs feel like they are a bomb shell ready to explode, literally. So we just had to try them on…I DO NOT ADVISE. these babies pushed your boobs up so much that it showed veins and gave your boobs boobaches (you know the headache for a boob) We asked ourselves how could anybody wear these they hurt and they are fake. How could someone go around and act like their boobs are real…..SHAKE MY HEAD. Then we remembered oh wait we know people who fake it up! I would give you guys a picture of the inside of the cup, but I couldn’t find any online. Basically if you want plastic surgery this is the next best step. You dont have to go under the knife, just slip your bad boys into these harneses and you’re good to go. Hey pain is beauty to some. The downside is that your boobs would probably most likely SAG a whole lot because they are so used to being squeezed so tight and up against your body so that when you take them off they don’t know what to do with themselves. Basically if someone comes up to you and points to your boobs asking “are they real?” you tell them yeah they cost $48. YA HEARD!

So has anyone else noticed fake people coming in their lives lately? This is a side note from the bra’s, I’m talking about actual fake people. WORD OF ADVICE. cut them out. drop them. DROP KICK THEM out your life. Don’t even say bye or argue with them just drop them.

And now to wrap everything together I leave you with this wonderful picture!

I laugh till I pee every time I see this picture. Truly wonderful.




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drop kick them out ya lifeee
lmaaoo the picture

Comment by baby greter

lmao this is the only blog i’ve read, and it so hypocritical because dont even lie kasha YOU LOVE YOUR PUSH UP BRA just like any other girl would lol… just sayinggg. 🙂

Comment by Mya Mallory

Yes Mya i do love a little push up, NOT A WHOLE CUP. designated fakeness

Comment by forevasauced

party party party lets all
get fakeness

Comment by baby greter

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