December 26, 2009, 8:25 pm
Filed under: on air

You may ask what a Hunta is and let me tell you. My brothers Jirobot, Randolphis, and I are the Hunta clan. We are the only Hunta’s ever to walk this earth. We even have a theme song which makes us official. And it goes like this…

“OH Hunta

you came and you saw me dancin


OH Hunta

(repeat as many time as wanted)

Yeah that’s us. Okay on a side note christmas just passed, I’m actually on my new laptop now. FRESH. Gretaclese is in MIAMI?! yeah I know what does Kasha Fierce do now? Oh blog! So basically Greta wants a man! yeah I know WACK! but she wants one. Winter always has that affect on people. I recently broke up with mine, but I’m just tryna dance dance dance. Basically G and I are on that new new shiz where are brains have had an epiphany. Basically go hard or go home ya heard!

Okay talking SO very real right now we are gunna step up our blogging game. So check in with the new shiz we be postin AIGHT!!


personalised by Kash Money records


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