October 8, 2009, 9:04 pm
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i can’t help but imagine how different my life would be if i hadn’t moved to america… everything i am now is mostly the result of what i’ve seen here, learned here, and done here.. i left when i was only five and my life took flight here… but what if..

what if i got to stay with my family? my ENTIRE family.. grandma, grandpa, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends

what if i got to make memories with them and share my entire life with the people that have the same blood running through their veins?

my parents wouldn’t feel so alone, they would have their best friends back…

we could celebrate the way we want to and enjoy moments with the only people in the world who truly understand our culture

i am grateful for what i have, im thankful for the risk and decision my parents made..

but what if i had never left? would i still be the same greta? would i laugh, joke, swim, learn, speak, look, eat the same way? what friends would i have and what would be important to me?

i love the way things are now, i love my friends and what im fortunate to have, the memories that will always make me laugh and cry..

but what if i got to share those memories of my little cousins first steps

or what if i had the chance to be beside my grandmother when she’s being treated for cancer or my grandfather when he got better

just really,

what if….

i can’t even imagine… i guess i’ll never know

there’s just no place like home



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wow this got me quite upset

Comment by forevasauced

what can i say..

Comment by forevasauced

why did your parents want to come to america? and why didnt any of your family follow? im sorry you miss lithy. ❤

Comment by twin

they wanted to come because there’s just wayy more oppotunity here than anywhere else… my family didn’t come b/c it’s so expensive.. i mean there is other reasons.. just dunno what they are really.. they would miss it too much

love ya twin

Comment by forevasauced

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