The Witch Hunt
July 21, 2009, 4:54 pm
Filed under: on air

Dear bloggi’s,

Okay so I’m sitting here thinking and I said why not make a blog….so here we go.

I went to Salem Willows for a family reunion..mad dope. Gretaclese missed out because it was her type of atmosphere…(i had work…)

black people(people of color, kasha)


nice ocean view

hot black guys(hot guys of COLOR… kasha….)

and mad food! …exspecially meat!(YUM!)

So anyways, sorry gretaclese you couldnt be there. But get your paper up booboo.DSC00045(you that righttt)

Okay so going on we chillin having fun I brought my t.o.i.l. Good times. Then the next day I go to the beach. I get tackled by waves, had some subway. (Eat fresh my a**) I’ve had a good weekend. My older brother jiro came down for a holla. visit him at (www.jirobot.wordpress.com) So basically in continuence, Gretaclese meets me at the Y the next day…..this is when the adventures begin!!!DSC00090

So anyways we catch up on what we missed with eachother. (basically getting rashed on by parents 24/7) and we go to my house and LIFT OFF! Gretaclese consumes her meat. She goes coocoo! Like absolutly bonkures. So I have diagnosed her with MEATBONKS! All in all I had a good couple of days, hopefully they continue on through this rainy mueffin weather.

Thas me,

K-Figga figga Fierce

p.s-(5 minute pause) DAMN IT! I forgot what my p.s was gunna have in it!DSC00070


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