banana twinkies
July 14, 2009, 1:18 pm
Filed under: on air

so last nite myself, the ROD kasha, and her fam(which is my fam) went to the blue man group in boston.. it was illadope and definitely something im gonna remember for sometime..

instead of boring you with details about the show, im gonna bore you with some other details about something else(just kiddin.. im never boring)

so i was thinking on the car ride back frm the show how happy i am to have my ROD and her fam(my fam) in my life.. they encourage me, laugh at me and with me, make me beef, and most importantly care about the small things i do and don’t do.. so i just wanted to say thank you to them for everything they’ve done this year for me and i really hope they know i care alot aobut em…

now to my ROD kasha, we’ve already had all these weird talks before about how its random that we started being friends, but we always knew it was gonna happen… i just wanna let you know ms.fierce that you mean a hell of a lot to me.. theres too much to say about our friendship and im not gonna let the entire internet know about our lives.. just want you to know tho that you being in my life makes things so much better and having someone who is alot like myself is a gift.. thank you ROD.. stay beefin boo

with beef and almond butter, GRETAAA


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