Hasta que encontremos otra vez
June 28, 2009, 3:10 pm
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Sorry y’all Gretaclese and I have been busy sorting are lives for the summer. Also what is a girl to do without her rod. Gretaclese is off for a week or so to look at colleges, while I’m stuck here!!!!!! But it’s okay I can deal because I still can text her and jizz like that. But who is going to correct my bad grammar and spelling….You’ll have to deal! SORRY! anyways Let me inform you what we have been doing this summer so far…

we went to Brazil! : okay not the real Brazil but a Brazilian restaurant! SOOO good we got these FAT (and when I mean fat I mean as big as my bum) sandwiches. They had corn, ham, potato sticks, lettuce, burger, buns, and some other stuff I don’t really know about.

we went to Borderland state park: okay no borderland is not a state, but that’s what the park is called and it’s mad dope. We went there with a few friends to clear our heads. It felt good.

Well we’ve done more stuff, but I can’t really remember because I have slight Alzheimer’s(anyone who knows me knows this) But in more retrospect MICHAEL JACKSON, the king of pop passed away, both the white and black one. (and don’t forget about Farrah Fawcett, too)But basically the whole world was devastated..my mother cried! so rest in peace M.J.

Michael-Jackson.jpg Michael Jackson image by apachecoop

Thas it,

K-Fierce (rollin solo-dolo…missing her Gretaclese)


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The simile of the sandwiches leaves a distinct image in this ones head. RIP M.J.

Comment by david

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