June 16, 2009, 2:34 am
Filed under: on air

so i was having a conversation with my friend patrice and she mentioned some crazy conversation she was having with her cuzo.. you know.. a family member.. part of the blood line.. all that good stuff.. and i cudn’t believe what i was hearing.. the convo was just ridiculous.. so i had to read the texts and see for myself.. this is how it went..

CUZO:is dis pat?

patrice: yes, this is your cousin, when are you coming to visit?

CUZO: oh. i waz readin an article yesterday, n it said new york waz in da top ten dangerous cities. i dnt wana go 2 da HOOD!

patrice: uhh, remeber cousin.. i live in Massachusetts..

CUZO:Same thing, Brockton is lik an hour away 4rm new york. I have an better idea, how bout u cum 2 safe and friendly FL.

patrice: no… wrong.. i live in MASSACHUSETTS.. and all they do here is smoke weed.. u won’t get hurt that bad…

CUZO:SMOKE WEED?? Newyork has turned mi lil cuzin into a GANGBANGER!!!

CUZO:SAME THING. Ill ask mi mom 2 get me and kik a ticket. but if i get SHOT or kidnapped im blamin U.

patrice: ok good to know…

CUZO: Of course.

patrice: yup

CUZO:Yeah. Is dis ur numba?

patrice: you’ve been talking to me for 30 minutes.. who else would this be?

CUZO:LoL. Alrite im savin it under P-murder.

i have nothing else to say..hope you enjoyed that..



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