The day in the life of RODZ
June 9, 2009, 7:02 pm
Filed under: on air

First we complete mcas chemistry… Greta passes, i fail. what the!!!(she’ wrong…. we both fail….)

second. we walked to china chef with our friends, who you can say are pretty weirdly awsome lol. gootta love them. Yeah so we grubbed on some scallion pancakes or whatever, broccelli for Bradly. Anyways Greta grubbs, I eat…..(grubbage)

Thirdly, we go to Dunkin Donuts, I spend all my money and I danced.. Liittle did I realise there was a guy watching me the whole time.. So he comes up with his electrical talking machine because he, himself, can’t talk.. And on the screen it says “encore”….!. And the voice of the machine reads it out loud..(in a girl voice nonetheless..) And he continues to hit enter over and over again, so it repeats it…over.. and over..

Fourthy, we go to west side pizza and watch John get punched in the face? what the!

Fifthly, we meet up with LAYOOOO and his Blake…(yeah.. it’s his) We walk. Where to? I DON’T KNOW! (COULDN’T TELL YA) So we end up walking across Brockton (the good streets ofcourse) all the way to Layo’s. There we sit and watch Katt Williams, here’s a sneak of what we watch and this is why we were laughing so hard.

Sixthly, we go to the mall for two seconds, then to Uno’s where we stab knives into the desk and pour salt into my cut infested mouth…(nice)

seventhly, we rash on stupids…(no other explaination needed)

eigthly, we come back to my house and some more friends come over! what the!.(oh yeah and I(greta) fall out the chair… mad hard… madd hard… so I was sauced..)

ninthly, they eat disgustingly..(mmmmmmmmm chicken…)

tenlthy, they leave…. Gretaclese and MO-got-a-big-toe sleep over, I KNOCKED, GRETACLESE KNOCKED, MOIRA KNOCKED.


stay on that grind…

(ohh YEAHHH.. congrats to ’09… and to whoever took mine and doodoos bag’s… karma is a killa and you’ll get yours…)

with marination and YMCA determination..KASHAfierce and GRETAclese


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That guy with the talking machine sounds weird. How did it look and work?

Comment by David

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