May 31, 2009, 8:44 pm
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So listen… just the other day Gretaclese and I were talking and we enlightened each other. So I’m going to pass the enlightenment on to you all.

Okay our lives our run by our insecurities. Our insecurities shape who we are and how we act. Once we drop our insecurities and set them free, We ourselves can also be free.(quoted from the mouth of Greta)

Basically what makes us sad, mad, depressed, and any other negative emotion is the insecurity we have with ourselves or others. Once we drop them we don’t worry… we don’t care about the negative and we just look to the positive. Once your surrounded by positive energy then you can be truly happy. Chase after your dreams, and follow no ones expectations(except the ones that you set for yourself). Live up to the potential of yourself.(set your own standards and strive to reach them every day) Accomplishment is the feeling of self worth, therefore fulfill yourself with self worth and build up your confidence. Once confidence is built, the insecurities then dim.(like one of those romantic living room lights or whatevaa) You overall become a free-er person. Confidence and self worth meaning NOT cockiness, pride, or being self-absorbed with oneself. If you have to much pride to admit you were hurt, or too much pride to admit embarrassment, or too proud to admit defeat and or any other emotion. Then you are not confident, you are inside still sad. Therefore,(mcas transition word) show your absolute TRUE self. I know its hard, especially if you’re still trying to find yourself. In fact it takes eternity to find your absolute true self.(that’s why those old in bars in movies don’t give a S***) In order to find this point, you mustĀ  put your self in a situation you aren’t comfortable in. Get out of your comfort zone!!(do what makes u scared)EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE..http://www.northernsun.com/images/imagethumb/%20Think%20Outside%20The%20Box%20Bumper%20Sticker%20(5640).jpg

Also sometimes it’s really good to get away from everything. Just go out at night and take a walk by yourself(not on green st. tho…). Release your mind of everything and finally just really and truly be alone with yourself. To some that is scary, for some that is lonely, and for some it’s stupid. And for the ones trying to find happiness, it’s the answer to all their problems. It’s nice to have time to yourself and for yourself. It’s nice to take in the world around you and get away. We are so stuck in our own little world that we don’t experience the world around us. So from her eon out, just live without insecurities, don’t be afraid to be yourself. And live for yourself.

Also this year I figured a lot(ALOT!) about myself. I figured out who I truly need in my life, and who is worth giving care to. Once I just leave my time up to the ones that i truly do care about, I’m happier. I’m way happier.

In this little week alone, Ive learned alot. I’m still learning too. And it feels so refreshing to know that I’m getting to know myself and others. I’m no longer going to dance circles around people, because true friends don’t want others to do that for them. So basically find your happy spot. Live it, love it. Put yourself in a different situation. Live it, Love it.

and always STAY SAUCED!!!




(yao yao yao its greta-money comin at you secretly from the blog.. just wanted to pop in and say somethings (in parantheses throughout the post) cause i gotta spit some things(and edit kasha’s wonderful writing nah mean..) we had a damnn good talk about everything and just to let you guys now we have alot to sayy… we out hea basically… yeeeeeeeeh…1)


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wow, that one was damn good….
got me thinkin
like really thinkin

Comment by Kelem

that makes sense and all but how does one juggle all the emotions that are rushing out at once? How does one cope with prioritizing friendships over studing? How would one ever know what’s most important if everything is always unclear?

Comment by David

Thanks much for that. It is very good stuff.
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Comment by Feesawareebew

definitely somthin i struggle wit evryday.

Comment by bolu

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