This is the texas road house not the Charlie horse
May 25, 2009, 3:11 pm
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regular writing done by:KASHA

editing by:GRETACLESE

(commentary in parenthases by):GRETACLESE

Okay so basically… When is the last time you cried because you laughed so hard? WELL today was that day for muahhh! Me, Gretaclese, Doodoo, jirobot, mamma lithi horton, and dj(no name), went to the infamous texas road house… The only half decent resturant in brockton… Well anyway, we knew our day would start off abnormal when first, we found out our dear friends Jeselene was to be handnig us our silver ware.. Okay so we’re sitting there talking, being obnoxious, and eating baskets AFTER baskets of bread… 10 in total.. Okay so then we get served a cup chili…(chili out the cut WUZZZUP!) DID ANYONE ORDER THE CHILLI? NOPE!  So we sit there with a cup of chili we didnt even order just sitting there staring at it because no one wanted to eat it…(tryna hold up to our morals of….whatever..) So why when we told the waitress that we didnt order it, my mother rudely interupts and says “No I ordered it I did that’s ours!” So of course jirobot doesnt say anything else because he doesnt want to add to the foolishness of the lithi..(lithi is an adjective,verb,noun, and whtever else you wanna call it that describes actions that are considered to be “immigrant-like” esepcially the lithuanian kind..) Okay now to go on, we get served our food and momma lithi horton gets a fat stack of ribs for gretaclese and dj(noname) because they were riding with no $$mula$$…(kasha’s fault) Anyways so they start devouring the food… Sounds good until Gretalclese bursts out into hot sweats…. WHAT??? YESS MEAT SWEATS!!! she started sweating MEAT..!(couldn’t see..breathe.. or function normally at all..)MEATTT then jirobot ask doodoo if  her plate of food is good… Miranda answers with nothing..(NOTHING) She just looked out the window…(dazed and confused doodoo) This is when i just lost it..I started laughing for 20 minutes straight, crying, literally tears streaming from my eyes..(our table looked REDICULOUS..) Now everyone is dieing…. Gretaclese still sweating.. (the whole table is basically in an uncontrollable phase of laughter) May I also add that while bursting into another stream of laughter trying to explain why I was laughing, because no one actually knew why I was laughing, a big snot flew from my nose and got sucked back in. Miraculous I may so so myself. Anyways so we continue with our obnoxiousness and the table behind us imitates our laughter..which sets dj(no name) off to his wild laughter.. Jirobot decided its time to go because we our being absolutly RECKLESSSS..  So we leave.. We arrive at home, doodoo lays two doodoo’s.. Gretaclese has the biggest sunburn and a big bruise from running into her shower.. anywayss…

Moral of the story… Texas road house is not Charlie horse…

(ohh.. and b4 going to a haunted pond/swamp/lake/doodoo… MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHERE IT IS….BACKFIREEEE..stay reckless)


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sounds lithi all day and that aint bad cuz they iz the real G’S ya heard.

Comment by D

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