“I mean if that’s how you feel…”
May 18, 2009, 8:17 pm
Filed under: on air

GRETA: wait tho.. lemme take a breathe cause i just had a quik bagel with some peanut butta…


arite im goood.. sooo today we chilled with some kids (we’ll leave the names unknown for now) who thought our blog idea was pretty dope… and decided they were gonna make theyre own… MORE BITERSSSSSclip%20in%20hair%20extension

KASHA: Basically, they cool and they made us laugh, but what wasn’t funny was the thought of biting us. Not only did they want their own blog, but they even went as far to ask if they could write on ours. It would of happened but they had to leave…and coudn’t get the hang of how to write it.. Basically spending time with them informed us that Indian weave cost 135 dollars, and some people have std’s. what?! Also they talk “real”.

Also if I may add, Gretaclese is a pinhead, who can’t swing on a swing. What!? yeah i said it……totally.

By the way, Greta is nasty because she got all that peanut butter on her hands, hoodie, and my laptop. How could she..?

GRETA: ok so enff of the rashin from kasha.. lets get back on the subject… these un-named kids are pretty chill… or “trill” as they call it.. they don’t care if ppl know that they watch the hills or the show girlfriends… but whatever… i mean.. if thats how you REALLY feel..

ok thas it

(finally a blog when both k-fierce and gretaclese are together..coooo)



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nothing is worse than a biter, thats why nobody ever says things about beavers

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