that old old
May 17, 2009, 9:47 pm
Filed under: on air

GRETA: ok so never in my entire life have i ever been called a biter

and when I was.. it was by my friend danny who was jealous that a girl was startin to rock blazers and listen to some ill music

I got over it and brushed it off my shoulders

now OUT THE CUT comes mr.im not biter himself with a blog joint resembling ours way too much.. I mean the subject content.. the pictures.. come on chubbz… lets be serious on this one

KASHA: Alright so tell me why this “let me walk to the fastest food place, buy a burger, walk around and take pictures of t.v’s with pictures already on it, beat up girls, my name is chubs, kinda boy” wants to bite Greta and I’s blog. What is this? Not only did it take him some time to create one, because at first he needed one of his friends to help bite us, but ours is way fresher. Hello read the name. “DAP ME FRESH”..(origal) not the nunu, which is not even close to being the new new. nahhmean.

GRETA: i mean good try.. but if ur gonna be in this  blog bidness.. step up your game and get on our level.. and leave that new new newness to kid cudi.. he gat that

and we won’t even post your link on here cause if people actually wanna c your blog.. they gotta do work and ask you.. which they won’t

aight then stop bitin and stay sauced forevaa…thas it…



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