On the real
May 17, 2009, 3:36 pm
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Usually Greta and I’s post are funny and not all that serious. But That’s coming to a break for a minute right here. If your already feeling down, then don’t read this, but if you want to know whats real, then continue..

Life, sometimes I wish it wasn’t so complicated.  Greta said then life would be boring(i sure did), this is true, but sometimes people need breaks. I wish I could go off by myself somewhere other then where I am. I just need to relax and recollect my thoughts. Ever wish you could just free your mind of everything. And all you had to think about was the world around you. Nature. RialtoBeachOlympiaNationalParkWashiBecause that’s the only thing that would ever be around you. Sometimes we as people need to scream, we need to cry, we need to punch, we need think, we need to sit. No matter what kind of front you put up, when it comes down to it, you’re by yourself and that’s when the real you comes out. Don’t be afraid of yourself, but most people are. Maybe we are all more a like then you think. Everyone has those days. Where nothing makes sense, or nothing truly matters to you anymore. Everything is so bad you think it couldn’t get worse, then it does. Or someone or you yourself lets you down. The worst part of everything is that we are our own enemies. We put the most pressure on our own selves. It’s good at times because you balance your self out and you ego doesn’t get the best of you. But other times, you can’t even handle your own criticisms because they tear you down more then you’ve already been torn down.

My advice, pick up your broken pieces. If you can’t then move on, there will be other pieces to break. Life is a long journey. A beautiful one at that. I guess the best way to make yourself feel better is to know you gave your all to the thing or person you wanted.

Self reflection, everyone needs one. It’s good to think about yourself. Not to think of yourself, but about yourself. You are the only one in this world that knows everything about you. You know your deepest demons. And so you are the only one that can judge yourself and think to yourself. Put yourself in an outsiders shoes. See what they see of you. Do you like it? That’s up to you. Be truthful to yourself. After all, all you have is yourself. When everyone else gives up on you. It’s up to you to still have the strength to hold your own.


Basically as Greta had said in a previous blog, just yell out a scream. But you could even go beyond that. Sing, scream, write, dance, yell a word or phrase, punch a wall, do whatever. Anything to get that anger, sadness, disappointment, anything to precipitate off your flesh. Feel free again. It’ll make you feel lighter.anger

Now only if I could answer my own problems.




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That was REAL TALK. also the writing was well done. Good Job Shawtys!

Comment by D

Wow, perfect Kasha… You pretty much summed it all up & that last line, perfect. It’s like you can so easily understand and help any one, but yourself. mad props. the seriousness of the blog was appreciated.


Comment by TC

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