Sauce on my pants
May 11, 2009, 9:46 pm
Filed under: on air

okay sometimes I try to act cool, and I sauce myself, this is one instance where I got sauce all over my pants….

Okay I’m talking to jirobot on the tele and he’s telling me how he got this brand new macbook pro.




better then all other computers

 Yeah and so I got a tiny jealous I must admit, because my computer is old, bulky, and deffinatly not up to date. So I then started to go on about who my favorite rapper is. I said Kanye West, and he answered “interesting”, then i said nas was pretty good but you don’t hear much from him because he’s so “underground”.


My brother then goes, “You should never repeat this conversation to anyone else, yor sauced.” Nas is nowhere near underground, he then goes on.  Yeah that’s right, me trying to sound cool, made me be sauced. Its the macbooks fault I swear.

anyways check out some munnies and some cool blazers I copt from a near by store.


yeahhhhhhhhh fresh, both, don’t sauce me though.

I’ve been sauced all weekend.



Oh yeah Jirobot and I came up with a new name for GRETA

and it is GRETACLESE.

like Hercules, but better, baggin everyone and all. get em girl. do ya thang.


Kasha Fierce


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