April 26, 2009, 12:46 pm
Filed under: on air

So listen it’s Kasha, yes I’m back, and Greta and I have had an epiphany on life once again. This time it’s all about living your life and doing what you do best, and not so best, but instead of saying “fck it”, we say “character”.  See if you’re doing you and you doing it well then you’re all good. That’s the way to live because you’re not saying “fck it”, because you care, but your on this earth to have fun and experience life. If “fck it” is your saying still, then that’s not going to work out for you in the end, trust me. See you do you, while remaining your character. While still being yourself. If you say “fck it” then you start to loose yourself. See you don’t notice it, but you realize there is something missing and you tend to be confused. That’s called down hill. Soo do you, while remaining your character. See I’m still young, nah mean?! I’m still finding myself and learning and making mistakes, but I am happy with where I am. I lived a fullfilling life so far, I do right by myself and my conscience remains uncloudy. I like being a good person, it makes me happy. I’m finding myself, and finding myself is helping me reach my true happinness.  I remain chill. I remain happy. I remain me. “I’m the only thing I’m afraid of”. 


Kasha Fierce


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wat the eff is “fierce” about kasha???

Comment by Mr. Never Wear the same kicks

do NAHHHHTTTTTT get loud with my friend

Comment by forevasauced

alright real talk julian if your dumb you’d know about beyonce’s album “I am…Sasha Fierce”
replace the s with a k and you’ve got “I am…Kasha Fierce”

so mess with me. ~1~

Comment by forevasauced

kasha jst went buck…..

Comment by forevasauced

i love yor site omg

Comment by penstategirl9201

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