“are you under the influence?”
April 24, 2009, 9:32 pm
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sooo basically this entire vacation i have been without my sidekick… killa ka$$h.. cause she has been away roasting in the sun in the BAHAMASSSSSSSS…

ive been hangin out with the trio(doodoo and kelem) and we’ve basically have been getting sauced leftright upanddown everysingle day of this week off…

now we decided that to become unsauced.. you must truly learn to accept it and love it.. once being sauced comes naturally.. everything will become to seem okay and life WILL eventually return to normal..

so as our daily routine goes, miranda and I went to the gym.. without kelem b/c she decided to go to canada.. we got dropped off late b/c parents like to rash and yell… we had an hour to workout b/c we had to be on time catch a train.. oh and yeah.. doodoo some how LOST her mp3 WHILE running on a treadmill.. the possibilty of that happening is rare as fck.. and guess what.. it happened..

so we take a shower at the Y b/c our parents wont allow us to shower at home anymore..sauce… and run to the bank with 10 minutes until the train leaves..we leave the bank and hear the railroad siren/signal ish go off.. so we book it.. come to find out.. we were EXTREMELY early for the train.. sauce again..

after the rushed morning.. the day got surprsingly better

first.. we ate at a dope diner on south street in the bean that’s been in 15 movies and is the only 24-hour joint in the city.. the food was hella good and the service was incredonkulous..



(we were observing the beauty of the bread that was being used for our samiches…. stunnnedd yoo)




shout out to JOHNNNAYYYYY (brockton hs musical and zac EEE-frawhhnn)

after the consumage of eatable goods.. we started our walk downtownnn… mmmmmmmmwarm weathhaaa



we were tired from that fooooooood


and finally, quikk trip to newbury st and i ended up with some new kicks and a gooooooddd johnny cupcakes deall.. checkkk it..



so basically a day that started out saturated with sauce turned out to be so UNsaucedd and chill that we didn’t think it would be possible to accomplish.. i mean leavin b-rackk and just trekkin it around the city with nothin to worry about has gatta be the best feeling.. and free organic tea is foreva good… oh yeah and not to mention the DAYSSS of people we saw from brockon in boston.. whats reallly good with all of us being there at the same time?! oh yeah and takin the bus from ashmont for the 1st time meetin new friends.. hahah… its how wee doo tho..

well… the weekend b4 the end of vaca is here.. lets rack up on more memories

enjoy the weather and “do su-in crazyy”

daug meiless…gretaahh


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got that box of cupcakes lol

Comment by Mr. Never Wear the same kicks

alreadyyy knowww

Comment by forevasauced

but i was in canda thoughh

Comment by Kelem

okay so i wish i could actually spell canAda

Comment by Kelem

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