April 11, 2009, 10:12 pm
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ok…. this is where the name of our blog “forevasauced” comes into play.. now to some old cats out here sauced might mean drunk or hungover or whatever else… but to us young fresh kids, sauced means SAUCED.. like imagine getting alfredo sauce all over your black dress pants.. just freshly cleaned..  or imagine having a good day and all of a sudden you come home to find your car stolen… “OH SAUCEDD!” yeah you’ve been sauced…

so myself, kasha, and doodoo aka miranda decided to go to boston after school on april 10th 2009…

lets begin with our journey to the train station… everything is good until we realize no one brought a camera.. sauced.. so we had to use our phones…suinelse

then.. we get to the train station.. and realize its kinda cold.. being us we wudn’t have jackets.. sauced


so were walkin around downtown havin a good time.. chillan.. whateva doin the do basically..and then its time for us to hit up the place of wonders.. newbury street.. we make our way through the commons walking aimlessly.. see a guy who just proposed to his booboo.. mad nicee(mad flowers and ish everywhere..good shit) and uhh yeahh we get to newbury..

now kasha and I have been waiting ages to go to nike and buy some piff attire and what not.. so we reach for the door, excited seeing all these shoes and shirts and EVERYTHING… and guess what.. doors locked.. no access.. STORE HAS CLOSED.. say it with me everyone.. SAUCEDD

so just as Nike was.. everything other store was closed on newbury as well.. good looks

oh and not to mention how me and miranda had to wait a good 7 weeks until kasha was done in the bathroom.. no explanatin will be provided.. just use your imaginations…


but besides all that mishap.. we had a damn good time.. i mean free organic tea.. trader joes.. MADDD FOOOOOD.. and just a good time with friends.. i mean it was hella nicee.. next time tho.. well make sure every single store isn’t closed

till next time

stay sauced..foreva


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yall do stay sauced forreal, it seems like a problem

Comment by Mr. Never Wear the same kicks

we do it live and we get sauced everytime

Comment by forevasauced

hahaha funny..

Comment by wordsmissunderstood

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