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April 4, 2009, 5:44 pm
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so there’s times when it seems it takes forever for a day to go by and there’s other times when so many things happen you can’t believe they were all crammed into one short day.. let’s take this friday/saturday.. 4/3/09-4/4/09 for example..

after school and a nap.. my good friend doodoo came over and we went to our friends cribo.. and BAMMMMMMM


i SOMEHOW ended up with my first pair of JORDANS(peep the jacket.. freshhhh).. compliments to kwame and his ever-growing feet…( dont mind the bad picture quality.. camerma phones all day)…. then… after a night of conversating with some ballas i ended up at doodoos.. and KNOCKED… and what do you know.. she works at a BREAKFAST JOINT… all i can say is that she hooked meee UPPPPP


mmmmmmmmmmmmmm deliciosoooo

so after grubbin this whole week.. kelem and myself decided we needed to run and get in shape cause we forced it hard on the consumage of le goods…we  decided to run/walk from her house to the Y… so as we’re walking along downtown.. kelem notices a small variety store and the woman who owns it.. she says “that lady.. she looks Ethiopian… yeah i bet you she is… let’s go inside..”.. so as we go inside and looks at the things the store has.. kelem goes up to the woman and asks, if she in fact.. really is Ethiopian… long story short.. Kelem and this woman are basically family and their families have known each other before pangea split up.. peep the flic..


small world RIGHTT… so when we got to the YMCA.. we hit the gym HARD BODY and then all of a sudden decided to see what this whole “ballin up” fuss that our guy friends talk about really is… after gettin some shooting tips from DA-LE i realized that DAMNNN.. these guys were right.. ball is a GOOOD TIMEE.. oh yeah.. and something else that should be mentioned is the little doors to the raquet/whatever/hmmm? rooms… what is really good?


anyways… basically.. the moral of the story is.. no matter how long or short your day is… raquetball doors will always be small…


one love from the gritz-master



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whatta fucking day we had!

Comment by Kelem

Freshest Jordans.

Comment by creativeanimal

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