bout to bubble like peroxide layin in a cut
April 2, 2009, 9:09 pm
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sooo i kinda just wanted to go thru a quik summary of what this joyous MCAS meant to us schoolchildren



some kids(like kasha) were super stressed about nuffin(lookin like aliens).. and some kids wilin’ out as usual not carin’..goooood preparation righttt 

then came the 1st day of mcas after we wrote that beloved long composition.. two times.. and then zacc’s bus didn’t even come to bring him home safely.. sauced foreva


then we had a quik day of more reading and writing and reading and open response and the same thing over and over again.. the best part tho i must say was the massive amounts of fruit snacks that were delivered.. and i guess i didnt mind getting out early and eating chinese food for a few days.. not to mention the naps at sarah’s cribb.. good looks mama sarah

then the last day of  ELA mcas came… everyone in out room finished and was readyy to GOO HOMEE… especially richayy.. stick that tonue back into your mouth boy


so even though the teachers stressed.. mrs.lefort yelled… mrs. samichhhh went buck.. and we all got carpal tunnel syndrome.. it wasn’t all that bad.. besides that its pointless of wha-eva

but i mean we can’t complain… we got to sleep extra amounts.. our parents made us “hearty” breakfasts.. snacks mmmmmmmm were provided.. and then we just got to chilll for a good few days.. it was kinda nice… but scrubbin it for 3 days strait makes kids crazy and lazy.. check it



much love to kelem and miranda doodoo


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you soo everyone be striaght up scrubbing it to, the girls with the holister sweats and coach sneaks, to the dj with kashas pjs and the mismatchin, w/e u do or did, we all looked a hot mess for 3 good days and it was chillllax. ^^ kashas hair looks as big as her donk, and greta u were doin it nice on her coach;)

forevaaaa evaa saucedd…one love

Comment by miranda

lmao lmao.. so much love to you doodoo… realest of real talks…

coach shoes.. ARE YOU KIDDING

Comment by forevasauced

lmfao i love miranda comments
yes the coach shoes… scrubbin it? HA

Comment by Kelem

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