“Move it football head!”
March 31, 2009, 8:14 pm
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ahh don’t you miss those old Nickelodeon, Disney, and Cartoon network shows and movies. Let’s back track to the good old times…

Kenan and Kel                Hocus Pocus                                               934

Dexter’s Labortory       The Powerpuff girls

The Amanda show         Halloween Town (the original one)               


Hey Arnold!                                                             

Little foot (the original)       All that!                                             

 Kablaamm!                         Pb & J Otters                                                     

Courage the cowardly dog    Cow and Chicken                                                   

Johnny Bravo                     Cat and Dog                                                             

Out of the box                      Bear in the big blue house

Parents Trap                         Dunsten checks in                                         

Life-size                                   Moesha                                               

 So Wierd                                 Rugrats

And the new but lost…

         flavorflav1                                                   Kidnation  

I love New York                                 

Instant Star           Flavor of love               

 South of Nowhere             Avatar




Ahh the beloved shows, some not so beloved. I miss those old movies. The old Disney channel movies were the best. I think Disney channel started running out of ideas so now thier movies are about dogs skateboarding (and no I’m not talking about Air Bud, which is another classic), or a Chinease fighting warrior. Also, what happened to those amazing cartoons you’d watch in the morning that just made you laugh. Like  Recess, that was the best, and Hey Arnold being the best cartoon ever created. I mean even Dragon Tales still beats out Dora the explorer.

I wish I could go back to the good old days, where I could put on my overalls and go outside to jump off the top of my wooden swingset. Where my imagination could run wild and not be contained inside a lined page called MCAS. I used to play “lava”, where you started at one part of the swingset and try to get to the other side without touching the ground. Believe me it was way harder then it seems. I could engage myself in a roller coaster of fun with just the ouside to keep me company. From the morning I woke up till my mom called me to come in and take a shower. Those were the good old days. No worries at all! Oh how I wish I could go back.                                                               img015


Kasha Fierce


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gulla gulla island should definatley be on there … just saying 🙂

Comment by devin

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