“did you forget how to knock?? let’s try this one more time…”
March 28, 2009, 2:15 pm
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hellloooooooo evrybady its greta once again with a headbangin story…

nah chill its not that special.. so i was on my bus yesterday morning and i asked myself “wait tho… why AM I AWAKE RIGHT NOW?… better yet… why am i ON THE SCHOOLBUS @ 6:30 IN THE MORNING?!” good question right… the orange even had to have assistance standin up cause it was damn tired..


so yeah let’s talk about how high school kids these days have to wake up at 5:30 AM and get ready for school and be out the house before its even light… then we go to school for a good couple hours where regular school things occur.. then once that bell rings at an awkward time of 1:59 PM most of us are off to sports,clubs, or other commitments that need to be participated in… we get home.. eat.. and enjoy spending the rest of our nights doing the best thing of all….HOMEWORK OF COURSE! and then we manage to go to sleep somehow before 12 or 1 in the morning and wake up and do it again… “dope life” righttt

now im not saying this happens everyday or goes foreveryone… but DANG were only 15 and 16 and just wanna have some sleep sometimes

oh and next year we might not even have any buses because of good ole budget cuts and whatevvaaa… so we gotta trek it or build our own way of transportation.. no extra credit will be provided in math class if we doo

arite.. done with the ranting hahaha…


 shout out to my girl KILLA KA$$HH and bhs drama club…FABULOUS FABLE FACTORY SONNN…and amanda



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dont ever talk about fruit…ever…or im coming for your head, plural

Comment by mr. you know me from the bridge

I think the same thing erdayyy!!! Without the orange.

Comment by Jacob

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