The big, the bad, and the down right FAT?!
March 27, 2009, 7:26 pm
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See this woman! To get this straight I’m not blogging because she is 515 pounds and sad about it. I’m blogging because THIS WOMAN is 515 pounds and depressed because she wants to weigh 1000 lbs. YES! She loves “not moving”, she said that she wants to get fatter because then she won’t have to do anything. She already loves having chairs dispersed around her one floor house so she doesnt have to walk everywhere, but sit and take breaks on her journey from her couch to her kitchen! She also had to take a break when she walked to get her mail from her mail box, and was proud of it! Her reasoning for wanting to be fat is because she think she is going to die of cancer anyways so she rather die knowing she enjoyed her life not moving and eatting. This women is lazy and FAT! She got RASHED when she said that thing about cancer. Tyra was like “stop talking!”. I started dieing. Oh yeah and the guy on the side of her holding her hand is her boyfriend. He was attracted to her because she was fat! He wants her to be fat, he loves “jiggiling” it, he loves the way the fat of their belly hangs in between her legs when she is sitting down! She also has her own website when people request her to do things, and so she does! Fo example she funneled chocolate milk, put on a dog collar with spikes, and posed in sexy lingere! This women has problems in her head. She is a bigorexic. real talk.  Greta and I were dieing laughing and getting mad at the same time. 

Just thought I’d inform you.



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This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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