why orange-ya payin attention?…..
March 25, 2009, 6:46 pm
Filed under: on air

whats reallllllyyy good its greta.. so today in latin class we were talkin about Augustus and how his accomplishments have contributed to the greatness of the Roman Empire when  i remembered something mindblowing… I HAD AN ORANGE IN MY BAG… so i whipped that ish out..

img_1037peep kasha on the right studying hard

so i realized that oranges are me and kasha’s go-to snak… really tho wait till you see a video of one of us eating some(kasha put that up soon) and uhhh i decided well bring any tantalizing/headline making news(or times when we don’t have anything better to do in class and other attractions) through a series of posts featuring.. well… oranges i guess..

img_1038but not this one… cause i ate it

good looks to la’sarah for helpin out with the grubbin as well


so till then

stay fresh…literally


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Greta, Glad that you are paying attention in Latin class.

Your fave teach

Comment by magistra

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