March 24, 2009, 11:48 pm
Filed under: on air


 KASHA: So Greta would you like to explain what we had for lunch today?

GRETA: (shakes head) I do.

KASHA: I’ll type it.

GRETA: Kasha!!!! I already have what i want in my head…Kasha! Horton! Extenuate the HOR! Kasha..really though? Is this the tempatations, I love them so much.

(mind you we were listening to motown songs)

KASHA: Greta real talk. Let me just wi$t it down, cus’ it goes so much easier.

GRETA: Real talk I wan to right my own. Why you trying to live my life for me kasha?!

KASHA: Well sence you won’t say, we had turkey sandwhiches on wheat brea…


GRETA: so because KASHA was bein a trick and not lettin me write squat… i had to steal the laptop… HOKAY..so let me explain the wonderful lunch we experienced today right from the beginning… so our friend moira.. good soul.. came into the cafeteria and placed a plastic bag full of love on the table..opening the bag.. she took out a FAT stack of 3 turkey sandwiches… fruit cups.. grapes.. bananas… kiwis… and pudding… good looks right? go ahead kasha say what you gotta say…

KASHA: Well I promised I would bring in tmorrows lunch for everyone..but I lied!


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I…Don’t… Know… You… lol (just messin… but u really must have a lot of time on ur hands) 🙂

Comment by Elyse

Bored sauced huh..

Comment by creativeanimal

i hope your not tryna rash

Comment by forevasauced

moira is amazing!

Comment by Kelem

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