Allow us to reintroduce ourselves..we are..
March 19, 2009, 7:58 pm
Filed under: on air


chode1  latika1

SHOUT OUT TO THE WORLLDD its yung money aka GZEE comin’ at you sideways for absolutely no reason… all you need to know is that we have nothing else better to do than to hop on the bandwagon of makin a blog… so shake, bake, and CAKE….1

Alright I am Kasha Fierce bringing it to you live.  I do me all the time.  This wierd kid jirobot and dopelife and bubblegum thought they would blog it up so you know I thought I’d show them how REAL fresh kids do it!.

Okay but together we are the super extravigent… uhh…yung kiddos…force

KASHA: So Greta what do you think our blog is going to have in it, what should the people be expecting?!
GRETA: actually.. i have no clue.. basically stuff people wanna mess with.. anything… yeah..
KASHA: Way to be pacific!
GRETA: esakkkkkkkkly…

Alright so there you go people, be ready for almost anything that we are possiably to dish out on the interweb!


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